Aesthetic Daily Planner Sticker Sheet


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  • Cute handmade aesthetic daily planner sticker sheet is apt to decorate notebook, scrapbook, planner, coffee mugs, luggage, water bottles, journals etc.,
  • Stickers are self-adhesive. You can just peel out the sticker and use it to decorate the desired item of your choice.
  • These stickers stick incredibly well to any surface types.
  • Material  – vinyl
  • Quality – 100 Microns
  • Stickers are kiss-cut and the sheet is of size 8.27*11.69 inches
  • PAN India delivery
  • Shipping – within 24-72 hours

Aesthetic Daily Planner Sticker Sheet

  • These planner stickers are perfect for designing scrapbooks, adding eye-catching reminders to planners, writing quotes in journals, decorating greeting cards, and jazzing up art projects.
  • Helps you to Keep track of your appointments, special days, and holidays so that so will never miss out any.
  • Planner stickers can be a fun and creative way to organize and plan out daily tasks
  • These stickers help you to visually organize daily tasks, appointments, and events.


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