Framed Wall Posters Design for Bedroom


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  • High quality motivational framed wall poster which is ideal to decorate your bed room, living room, study room, office room etc.,
  • Quote : Stay Positive Work Hard Make It Happen
  • This product comes with rigid cardboard backing in black Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) wooden frame.
  • Frame Size 13″X9.5″ Inches , Poster Size : 12″X8″ Inches .
  • The posters features unique designs and quotes that keep you on track, focused and inspired everyday.
  • You can stick it easily to the wall with the help of mounting tape.
  • PAN India delivery
  • Shipping within 24-72 hours

Framed Wall Posters Design for Bedroom

  • This motivational wall frame inspires people to lead a positive lifestyle and achieve their goals.
  • This wall frame can be used as a décor element for your bed room, living room, study room, shops, corridor and café.
  • To give it a rich appearance it is printed on a premium paper with vibrant colours.
  • These motivational wall posters are a great way to add inspiration and motivation to your living area or office space.
  • The poster’s high-quality printing process ensures that the text and images are clear and crisp, allowing the message to be easily read and understood.


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